The Sanctuary

Bliss Mind & Body is a local, family run business. We aim to offer a sanctuary from the hectic pace of everyday life.


Our spa provides a place to escape, relax and disconnect from the world as you recharge your mind, body, and spirit. We offer massage therapy, body treatments, electrolysis, and esthetic services.


Whether you need relaxation, beautification or both, Bliss Mind & Body is here for you. We want to provide peace of mind through the wellness of self-care and healing.






Teresa Martinez, Massage Therapist, Reiki, owner





Camie Schmidt, Massage Therapist, Bowen Method




Ashleigh Kitzhaber, Massage Therapist



Angie Cordova, Massage Therapist



Kendra Crabill, Facials, Waxing hair removal



Pat Sudweeks, Electrolysis

Lori Pino, Reiki Master, Holistic Life Coach, Curandera, published author, artist

Debra Hubers, Reiki master Teacher, Energetic healing tools, and  Colour mirrors



Lisa Lee White,  Alternative health practitioner specializing in energy medicine, detoxification and nutrition 



Alisa Prein, Handcrafted jewelry and classes for wire wrapping



Our Story
We are a holistic day spa, we specialize in but are not limited to therapeutic & relaxation massage, all natural facials, painless sugar waxing, energy healing, personal esthetics, various scrubs and a lounge area where you can sit and relax and sip your tea. We provide a safe space for healing, relaxing, learning and growing. Our services include therapeutic and relaxation massage, Reiki, Life Coaching, Facials, microdermabrasion, lymphatic massage, and stretching classes.

Teresa's  Story

When Teresa was 16, she was in a car accident. Her head broke the windshield, straightening the natural curvature of her spine, causing terrible headaches. She struggled from doctor to doctor trying to find relief but none of them helped until her first therapeutic massage. Then the  whole world changed! 

 She decided, THAT was how she was going to help the world. 


She graduated from National Holistic Institute in 1996 and started her first company practicing  massage with a “portable” massage table in San Francisco. 

Even then, she dreamed of sunny skies and warm surf, so she relocated to Lahaina, HI and practiced massage on the beach, while teaching stretching techniques at the local gym. 

She put her career on hold for marriage and kids, at least, while they were young. 


In 2005,  she and her family resettled in Arizona where she had her third and final child. 


It wasn't until she met her husband, Manny, in 2011 that she received the encouragement to get back to what fulfills her. She started in an office who served several professional sports teams in Chandler, AZ. Her time there allowed her to learn new techniques and those techniques combined with energy/spiritual methods and holistic healing treatments which evolved into Bliss Body Shop.


In 2013, Teresa moved to Brentwood and broke ground with Revive Salon while also working at Sawa Spa until, in 2016 an opportunity arose to re-establish her original business and work with Dr. Dale Giessman at Delta Spine and Sportscare. After 5 wonderful years there, Bliss Mind & Body Shop was born!


We are here to provide a tranquil environment while providing physical and spiritual wellness through the ancient art of massage. 

Love and light~

Bliss Mind & Body Shop